condom wedding dress

3 most beautiful wedding dresses ever

3 most beautiful wedding dresses ever

You must know which type of the most beautiful wedding dresses ever especially for new couple who search the wedding dresses which are suitable with you. These are recommended for you because you are the special persons for your family and of course your couple to be. Wedding for the girls is the most important thing that only will do only once in their life. It makes the girls plan the wedding dress carefully. They will do everything about their wedding very well. It includes wedding gown. They are serious to plan their wedding dresses.

You must read these stories about 5 most beautiful wedding dresses ever. They want to create the memorable wedding concept through using the unique and eccentric wedding dress.

  1. Condom wedding dress

condom wedding dress

Sometimes, it hears so strength, but this fact is true, condom is ever used to design the wedding dress in chine by the wedding designer. This whole part is made of condom that is arranged as suitable as the wedding dress to make it look so beautiful. This dress is especially used to perform in condom fashion show in Beijing, china.

  1. Camouflage wedding concept

Camouflage wedding concept

If you want to choose battle and military theme of your wedding ceremony, this wedding dress can be used. This wedding dress is suitable for doing in some places such as bushes and forest. This dress uses the green color like the army uniform. If you are army lovers, you must know that this wedding dress is designed by the Erika Sarkozy. This dress is suitable for you.

  1. Painting wedding dress

painting wedding dress

This is the most beautiful wedding dress because it doesn’t need to wear the real dress. You only need wearing the underwear. Then, you paint your body with wedding dresses. This wedding dress is not used in the real wedding event. It is used for realty show in TV programmed, but, if you like and you want to do wearing this wedding dress, why not?

3 most beautiful wedding dresses ever

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